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Lovers and learners of the English Language!

Welcome to EnglishFountain.

A fountain is a place where anyone, from any place, at any time can drink and quench his thirst for achieving higher excellence in English.


Here you have a grand opportunity to achieve higher communicative competence in English so crucially required to exploit the opportunities offered by the new globalised economy. English is rightly called as 'the mother tongue of the future'. 

EnglishFountain offers unique self-study training programs to achieve higher excellence in English.

You all are invited to achieve higher excellence in English and conquer the world.  Welcome, once again!

Explore and exploit this fountain and emerge a winner. 


Welcome to EnglishFountain.


The basic objective of EnglishFountain is to enable your potential with training to acquire better command over the English language. We are eager to join hands with you to train help you realize your potential and achieve your career goals.


And here we have something important to share with you.


You all know that English is the mother tongue of the future. If you are late to learn English you are late for your future. English is a liberating language, a powerful equaliser that liberates you, empowers you and enables you to achieve your career goals.


If you want to talk to the world, you must master good English. Mind you, sound command over English is never optional.


Every year innumerable graduates with academic or professional degrees realize the fact that the deciding factor is their knowledge of the English language. The bitter lesson their realize is that what they cannot state clearly in English they do not know. They cannot even claim that they know. Lack of proficiency in English can drag down your career and derail all your career dreams. Look around, you will find that companies value proficiency in English over technical knowledge. Lack of English will hamper your career take off and further growth.


Arnold Glassgow said, “Success is simple. Do what is right, the right way, at the right time.”


Improving your command of the English language is the right thing you will do.


That is why we always say, Life is bright when your English is right.TM


The strategy to succeed in life is simple – become a force to reckon with. Sound command over English gives that power. So, when you begin to take your English seriously and work systematically to improve your command of the English language you are doing just the right thing. You are actually laying the solid foundation for your flourishing career. You are becoming ready for the future.


English is the passport to bright future. We always say, “Life is bright when your English is right.”


Sound knowledge of English is a source of personal power and a very powerful competitive and comparative advantage. It enables you to exploit the opportunities offered by the new globalised economy.


If you think that your must improve your English then EnglishFountain is the right place.



With EnglishFountain you get ahead and stay ahead.


EnglishFountain invites you to conquer the world by acquiring excellence in the English language.

Come create your own opportunities by mastering English.





Home Study Course for High School students


Home study course in Creative writing for High School Students




Attention: Parents:

English at Home

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Academic Counsellor Training Program (ACTP)


Accurate English Usage

Workshop at Dadar (W), Mumbai

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